Intelligent Hot Water With Solar PV

Intelligent Hot Water DiagramIntelligent Hot Water With Solar PV – Unbelievably, up to 70% of clean energy is exported to the grid with very little benefit to the producer.

You can change this with an Intelligent Hot Water system that is powered by your solar panels.

Add Huge Value To Your Solar Installation!

With this system you can:

– Monitor the mains electricity meter for imported energy
– Control the immersion tank automatically when generating electricity
– Fully track energy brought from and sold to the grid with ease
– Enhance the efficiency rating of the property which will be mandatory


The In House Display (IHD) is the ‘brains’ and gathers data from any generation meter and mains incoming meter from the retro fit pulse counters. After some clever calculations and continuous monitoring of generation, import and export, it activates the SmartSwitch to power the immersion tank based on threshold parameters.

In House Display IHDYou can set the power threshold and time limit to activate the SmartSwitch to accommodate different PV plant sizes, once configured the In House Display automatically sends the command for activation and de-activation of the SmartSwitch based on real time data.

A built in time clock is also provided to set activation during night hours which will mean that you never get a cold shower!

The advantages to Intelligent Hot Water with PV are:

– Completely wireless and retro-fit
– Installed in minutes
– No tampering to any existing equipment
– No need to wire into the customer’s consumer unit
– Cost effective solution
– Universal modular system
– Provides valuable import/export data to manage energy bills
– Encourages behavioural changes
– Reduces ROI on solar PV system
– Stay in control of energy bills
– Adds value to any solar PV system