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Extra Plug SocketsEvery body has a huge range of electrical appliances and gadgets that they use on a daily basis but sometimes there just isn’t enough plug sockets to cater for them, the need then arises to find a solution to extra power sockets.

Many people just make do with using extension leads but this should really only be a temporary ‘fix‘ as plugging too many things in at once and over a long length of coiled up cable can and has lead to house fires.

The correct way of achieving extra plug sockets would be to ditch the extension leads and have additional plug sockets fitted by a capable electrician, Cable Electrical have undertaken this task many times for our satisfied customers and all work is carried out by our fully qualified NICEIC Part P registered electrical engineers.

If you are interested in hearing what we could do for you regarding extra plug sockets, please contact us or request a call back via the form to the right.

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